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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vintage Summer Swap

Swapping can be so much fun! I have started to enter swaps where you exchange handmade goods and gift items with a theme, and they are one-on-one swaps where I get to prepare a wonderful package for my swap partner. For the Vintage Summer Swap I was paired up with a lovely lady from Texas, Sylvia Smith. You can visit her blog at If you visit it you will see the goodies that I sent to her!

They say it's better to given than receive, and I admit, I really had a blast creating items for Sylvia, but how much fun is it when a HUGE box of fabulous items is delivered to your door! I LOVE the items Sylvia made and purchased for me. Below you can see a sample. But what you won't be seeing are the yummy edible treats because I ate them before I could even take a photo!

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