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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Let It Snow!

Once again, Christmas is in the air at my house, even though it is in the 80s here in San Diego this week.  But I am preparing for the November meeting of my French Art Group and we are swapping altered tea tins.  My friend Debbie must drink a ton of tea because when we meet for breakfast she hands me a bag of tins each time. I decided I must have enough to use for our group and came up with the idea to create a Christmas themed tin to hold tags that we will make at our meeting, shown in the post below.

I covered my tin in gift wrap and placed a little snowman on a glittered pedestal. I bleached a green bottlebrush Christmas tree that I bought at Michaels and added some glitter snow and snowflakes. A few more embellishments and voila! a perfect little decorative tag tin which I will proudly display and my tags will be easy to find this year!

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Amy Yingling said...

This is fabulous, I just love it!