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Sunday, May 15, 2011

*ArT**PaRtY!!* Dresses Up!

The Ladies of the *Art**PaRtY!!* "dressed up" for the month and decorated little dress boxes for a creative exchange. My dress is the blue one in the top photo, and I was the lucky recipient of Rosa's dress, the lovely pink creation. Our dresses were part of a Royal Wedding Celebration and were somewhat meant to resemble bridesmaid dresses. None of them looks anything like the beautiful Pippa's dress, but they are all fabulous in their own right! The bottom photo feature's all of them: Mary Ann's black and white southern inspired piece, Rosa's pink pretty, mine, Lorraine's butterfly beauty and Ginger's ethereal elegance.

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Ira said...

I'm in love with those gorgeous dress boxes! Lined up they're soooooo pretty!!