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Friday, May 27, 2011

An Angel for my Angel Friend Pam

Happy Pink Saturday! My girlfriend Pam and I were lucky to spend a past Saturday together. It was a fabulous, beautiful day. We started out for breakfast at the Kensington Cafe. This place has wonderful egg scrambles, rosemary breakfast potatoes and toast made from the best whole wheat bread I've tasted in awhile. And, the San Diego weather was just perfect that morning for breakfst outdoors. We then headed off to a local art fair.

Before we left the house that morning I presented her with this little gift of an angel that I made. My friend Lorraine created the original angel like this one out of a toilet paper tube. I just loved her idea and used one my my own designs of ladies for the head. Thanks Lorraine for such a great idea and thanks Pam for such a fun-filled day.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

And I Call Her Camilla

I saw a class at Paper Tales to create a lovely Angel like Camilla but I was unavailable that day, so I set out to create one on my own. Once I got going I really saw the value in taking that class, so perhaps the teacher will be back another time. But, I did my best on my own and here is what I came up with.

After I was almost finished with the process, which I really got lost in, I was looking in a book for some text to add. The book was a steamy romance novel set in Hollywood. And what I fond was so many wonderful names of very interesting sounding ladies. So I decided to call this beauty Camilla, and to save the rest to create more angels like this one.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Tea for Two Babies!

A friend at the office is hosting a Baby Shower tea for a family member who is pregnant with twins! And she is lucky enough to know that she will be delivering a baby boy and a baby girl. So I couldn't resist creating this special hat for the new mother to be to wear to her tea! Best wishes for a lovely day and a wonderful life with your new babies.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

And Here's Jeanne's Box

Jeanne was also a super swap partner! Here is her lovely matchbox which included so many wonderful vintage items: wallpaper, millinery flowers, ribbons and lace and so much more. Thanks so much Jeanne!

Friday, May 20, 2011

My First Pink Saturday and Lovely Cassandra's Matchbox

Well, I am really excited to join Pink Saturday and when I recieved my matchbox from Cassandra I knew it would be the perfect Pink Post! I really was lucky to have her as a swap partner in the Speckled Egg mathchbox swap. Here is the beautiful creation that she made for me and the contents of the box were just so wonderful: a handmade flower, vintage millinery flowers, vintage buttons, vintage paper, glass glitter and so much more!

Yes Indeed, Another Matchbox Swap!

My girlfriend Lorraine entered me in another Matchbox swap while I was vacationing. And I'm so glad she did! this one was hosted by Heather from and the participants were a group of creative ladies with artisitc interests similar to mine. These are the boxes that I created for Cassandra ( and Jeanne ( I found beautiful austrian crystal necklaces as a nice treat to add to the contents of the boxes which also included vintage images, Paris clothespins, birds, a mini glitter notepad and a dress form to hold seam binding that I dyed myself. I sure hope the ladies like my boxes!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Crown fit for a Cowgirl Queen

Kari at work LOVES horses. And Kari HATES crowns and fufu items, and she also doesn't like it when anyone remembers her birthday. So guess what! The only way to handle that situation is to give her everything she hates and make a big"fuss" over her! We decorated her desk with a coral of horses including my little pony and added some very tacky child's horsey decorations. We then "crowned" her with this creation. I know she won't admit bit but I think she might have liked it a little bit!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Royal Affair

The ladies of the *ArT**PaRtY!!* celebrated the Royal Wedding by creating crowns at our April meeting. Inspiration was plentiful at the real Royal Wedding with all of the crazy, wild, elegant and beautiful hats that were worn to the church by all who were lucky enough to attend. Our crowns were created by embellishing a child's party crown that we found at the local dollar store. We added vintage paper, music paper or text flowers, glitter, rinestones, silver pipecleaners and more.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

*ArT**PaRtY!!* Dresses Up!

The Ladies of the *Art**PaRtY!!* "dressed up" for the month and decorated little dress boxes for a creative exchange. My dress is the blue one in the top photo, and I was the lucky recipient of Rosa's dress, the lovely pink creation. Our dresses were part of a Royal Wedding Celebration and were somewhat meant to resemble bridesmaid dresses. None of them looks anything like the beautiful Pippa's dress, but they are all fabulous in their own right! The bottom photo feature's all of them: Mary Ann's black and white southern inspired piece, Rosa's pink pretty, mine, Lorraine's butterfly beauty and Ginger's ethereal elegance.